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A Letter to President Obama from John Monsul

To:President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President!

I have an interesting idea for your consideration!

As the creator and producer of a local T.V. show here in Northern Virginia - on Ch 10 - Fairfax Cable, called "Communicating Today" - I'm always trying to come up with new ideas for my show. And I got to thnking about the 'mess' the country is in today, and about the "Stimulus" package the current congress is trying to put together. It all seems to revolve around giving out billions of dollars in "handouts" - which tends to keep folks 'subservient' to the Federal Government !! "What's in it for me!" "Give me a "handout" - and I'll be sure to support your regime! Although a sound, sensible"Stimulus" package is still a good possibiity.

I think there are better words to use - than "bailout" or "handout"!!

I like words - like "Creative". "Initiative". "Imaginative". "Productive". And, especially - "Entrepreneurship"!!

During the Second World War - when things looked bleakest - we gathered together the best military and scientific leaders we could find - and ultimately defeated Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini - and went on to victory!

When Russia appeared to be winning the 'Space Race" in the 50's - we garnered the best scientific and technological minds we could find - and eventually won the 'space race' - by putting a man on the moon !!

Now that we're in a very serious Economic" crisis - I started thinking........

........why not an "Economic Summit" - bringing together America's brightest, most successful "Entrepreneurs" - to "brainstorm" what it would take to help resolve our current financial 'dilemma'!! People like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Bill Ford, Donald Trump, Mike Bloomburg, Carly Fiorina, Jack Welch, Warren Buffet, T. Boone Pickens, Suzy Ormand.....and on and on! There are many other names of brilliant, successful "entrepreneurs" - that could be added to this list and, hopefully, come up with a "consensus" of what it would take to get America back "on the right track" again !!!

Let's bring 'em all to the White House - for a couple of days- and I think we would be pleasantly surprised as to the potential result in new ideas and new strategy we could realize - by a prestigious group of "entrepreneural" people who have helped make America great !!!

Just some "food for thought", Mr. President!!


John Monsul
"Communicating Today"
Ch 10 - Fairfax Cable


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