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"Communicating Today" has reached a true milestone in its long and successful history on Channel 10," said Cox VP and Region Manager, Janet Barnard. "We applaud John Monsul, its Producer, and all of the folks who play important roles on this show, and are thrilled to offer their programming on our channel lineup." (Channel 10 is owned by Cox Communications Corp., one of the largest cable T.V. companies in the United States.)


After 18 years of broadcasting on Channel 10, Fairfax Public Access Cable T.V., "Communicating Today" has surpassed the "magic" number of 500 television programs - produced at this station - which is the largest of its kind in Virginia, and one of the largest in the entire USA! This makes "Communicating Today" the 3rd most-produced program in the 30-year history of Channel 10! Most of the programs are 'taped' ahead of time, and with a one week's delay are then 'broadcast' three times the following week - on Sunday @ 3:30 pm, Wednesday @ 8:30 pm and Friday @ 6:30 am.
The 500th program was produced on Monday evening, June 25th, 2007, at 7 pm, at the Channel 10 station. [Editor's note: John has since surpassed this milestone and has produced more than 600 shows during more than 22 years of broadcasting.]
Classifying it as a "Talk/Variety" show, John Monsul, its creator, producer and host - devotes the majority of programs to interviewing guests on a variety of topics, ranging from Architecture to Zoology - and everything in between! Other shows feature musical or artistic talent, with the producer, himself, sometimes joining in, since he plays the piano and accordion.
The originalconcept of "Communicating Today" was to highlight the many different ways people have of communicating with each other. Mr. Monsul feels that if we can improve the interpersonal communications skills of the people of the world, we can eventually improve the overall quality of life. The scope of the program has greatly expanded since its inception, as Monsul realized the array of communicating topics is literally endless!
There have been two Directors since the program began in 1989. Pamela Haines, now the producer of her own show, "Our Place", was the first until 1993. Since then, Ed Cooney, formerly with AT&T, has been the Executive Director of "Communicating Today".
The array of guests and organizations who have appeared on "Communicating Today" reads like a list of "Who's Who" in the Washington, D.C. area!. The Disney Corporation, Ringling Brothers Circus, Wolftrap Entertainment, the Redskins Football Team, US Marine Corps band, the "Make A Wish" Foundation, "M.A.D.D." (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), "Planet Hollywood", Governor Linwood Holton of Virginia, Senator Janet Howell, Delegate Vince Callahan, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, George Mason University, Drexel University, US Representative Robert Hanrahan, US Olympic athletes,Toastmasters, the Literacy Council, Citizens Against Government Waste, Excellence in Education, Partnership for Youth, The Womens Center, President Jimmy Carter's "Habitat for Humanity", Virginia Opera, authors, doctors, lawyers, scientists, educators, bankers, consultants, politicians, businessmen and women, entertainers, and so on! The list is almost endless!
Channel 10 broadcasts seven days a week, throughout much of Northern Virginia, which has a population of approximately 4 million people. A large percentage of those subscribe to cable T.V., making the potential viewing audience for Channel 10 programming quite large indeed! We don't have specific statistics as to the actual number of our viewers, but based on 'periodic' feedback we get, we know it's fairly substantial. Also, the "dynamics" of the population of this area, will show that it has one of the highest family income and educational levels of any section of the United States - presenting it as a potentially lucrative opportunity for almost any kind of endeavor!
There are over 50 individual producers at Channel 10, offering a broad array of programming, that makes it suitable to satisfy almost any type of television information and entertainment interest.Channel 10 is a subsidiary of Cox Communications Corp., one of the largestmedia companies in the USA. And Channel 10, itself, is one of the largest and most successful public access cable stations in the country.
As a tribute to the 500th TV production, John Monsul, and his program "Communicating Today", have received many 'congratulatory' letters and awards from a number of sources, such as:Governor Tim Kaine, of Virginia, the Virginia State Legislature, Senator John Warner, Congressman Frank Wolf, Senator Janet Howell, Delegate Vince Callahan, Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, Fairfax Board of Supervisors, Republican National Committee, Constantine Papadakis, President of Drexel University, US Marine Corps Band, the "Connection" newspaper and many others.
For more information, to 'book' a program, or to "sponsor" a program - please contact the producer, John Monsul, at Channel 10, which is located at 2929 Eskridge Rd., Fairfax, VA. 22031. Phone: 703 573-1090. Or contact him directly at his office: 703-759-5917. Office email: For further information on this press release, please contact the undersigned:
Thank you.
John Monsul
"Communicating Today"
923 Riva Ridge Drive
Great Falls, VA. 22066

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