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If you would like to use "Communicating Today" to sponsor your business or special event - the opportunity to do so is available! With a 19-year history of success behind it, this 1/2 hour program - one of the longest-running in Channel 10's history - is available for full or partial sponsorship!

"Communicating Today" broadcasts 3 times a week - Sundays @ 3:30 pm, Wednesdays @ 8:30 pm and Fridays @ 6:30 am - for a total of 12 times a month! It's classified as a "Talk/Variety" show - offering a broad array of programming, which appeals to a wide variety of viewers. Channel 10, itself, covers much of Northern Virginia, with a population of several million people - a good percentage of whom subscribe to Channel 10 Cable - making viewership potential - excellent!

To inquire about our modest rates of 'sponsorship' - please contact the Producer, John Monsul, directly either by email - or phone - 703-759-5917. He'll be happy to discuss your special requirements. 

Thank you.

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